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Learning the right way

It is scientifically approved and stated that the mind needs refreshment and relaxation during study and any other work for having better working capacity and absorbing or remembering things. Enjoying a working and studying mind must be having some rest and any other enjoyable task for regaining the sense working  and tired neurons. In other countries like Finland, whereabout say students are having various kinds of refreshment activity from nursery class to ten class for mind. They enjoy and entertain themselves after reading and studying in class even if they are allowed to sleep if someone wants. Their literacy rate is higher than our country’s students. They think a little and do more. but in our country students are not having any kind of refreshment activities. They are not allowed to go out of class, They are not allowed to eat and drink during class because  they think more and do a little. Being behind In any field because of not having relaxation and comfortability .Therefore, I heartily request the highest educational authorities to give a chance to students for enjoyment in order to make them happy.

Ameen Qamar