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Child abuse and police reforms

  • The police has to be reformed before it can handle child abuse cases

By: Malik Aslam Awan

A large number of aspirants to join the police take it as an enterprise to boost their profiteering ends and to enjoy an edge over the general public to establish the writ of their dynastic hegemony and their personal whims. Such sickened elements should be kept away from the force of law enforcement, and devoted, dedicated, and well-groomed youth having the candescent passion to serve the nation be assimilated into the police structure, who may deliver to serve and who are capable of upholding the writ of law. Police officers making the ruling offices a rendezvous must be severely discouraged by secret psychological scrutiny and their immediate expulsion from the key posts must be ensured, to save the country and people from their plundering of the national exchequer.  The raison d’être of the police structure is to serve the humanity, not to put the peace of society in jeopardy.

Child abuse cases are alarmingly increasing day by day, and to stall this obnoxious crime and to save the children from sexual wolves, a law has been unanimously passed that those found guilty in child abuse cases will be awarded the punishment of death and the guilty will be hanged in public. Wise voices have accumulated to praise the decision of deterrent enactment and legislators were, also, applauded to encourage them in their ethical valour to evolve unanimity in the need to curb the heinous crime and the criminals.

People were amazed at the social stalwarts who were critical of the law. Sane minds remained stunned at the dissenting voices, especially those having the highest caliber, and knew how people were sick of the rampant crimes of child abuse and awaiting a law providing deterrent punishment to be evolved to stop the crime, causing nightmare amongst the people.

Lawmakers and others responsible to make law are fully aware of the gravity of the issue, which is embroiling the minds of the masses. Due to unknown reasons, the previous governments failed to gauge the public sentiment about such crimes, which were simmering and causing ripples in every sane mind. Maybe it was due to their mindset that their children remain in tight security zones and if for a short while they would remain out of the power corridors, then too, their children were quite safe, due to the high-alert security fence, which they always enjoyed by virtue of being an integral part of the privileged layer of society; even a creeping insect cold not dare to trespass into their security zone, so how a criminal dare to stare at their children? Due to the foregoing reason, the higher echelons and privileged classes never resorted to introducing a deterrent punishment. Their incisive minds had a margin of hundreds and thousands of years of advancement over the poor frightened minds, always worried about their children, vulnerable to becoming easy victims of criminal assault.

A police commission comprising retired judges must be constituted, having the jurisdiction to hear complaints against the police and, if any are found guilty, award severe punishments to them. The police must be made free of political influence and the police chief as well as the whole structure must be made responsible to the police commission

It has been observed that a child, male or female, once  the victim of criminal assault, was not able to come out of the resulting fear even till his or her late 60s or even 70s. The mind once shocked by the sad incident cannot accept the faces surrounding him as human beings. He or she always remains under the impression that there may be second, third or incessant attempts on his or her innocence. Police behaviour before registration of the case and during investigation, has been reported as derogatory towards the victim and his or her parents. Awkwardly brought up and recruited to the police, despite the glaring fact that the person could not succeed in qualifying for even the lower cadre, by unfair and foul means they jump over the deserving and occupy a high pedestal in the service. I had witnessed those occupying high posts and even in the DMG/PSP structure, who possessed poor knowledge and know-how to deliver to the people, and whose egotistic behavior towards the victims of heinous crimes was such as to further discourage them instead of making them realize that they, the victims, were an inalienable part of society and that justice would surely be delivered to them without delay, so that they could lead a safe and peaceful life.

Due to such derogatory behaviour, the victims and their relatives become afraid and remain reluctant to report the grave injustice to the police. It is an obnoxious and well developed practice of police high-ups, even SPs and DIGs, to engage themselves in gossip with the habitual visitors, who visit the police stations and higher offices only to make themselves prominent public figures, or with those who are heading mafias and who daily remain in touch with police officials to give a leverage to their relations with police black sheep. Their main objective to visit police stations or higher offices is to give anchorage to their illegal deeds. Police officials give respect to those hooligans who earn for them and promote their vested interests. The victims of grave injustices remaind standing outside the offices of high police officers, and return to their homes unheard, and due to these frequent visits to police officers’ offices, relinquish the ever cherished desire to avail justice.

There is a most publicized outcry, almost since the creation of Pakistan, that police reforms be carried out in the police structure to make it a friendly organ of state to dispel the widespread fear amongst the general public that in case they go to the police to report an injustice done with them, they will be humiliated and mocked by the police officials. Sometimes the influential criminals get registered a fake counter-case against the victim to implicate them to their long travail. Sincere, devoted, dedicated aspirants, who have also got solid characters, should be encouraged to join the police service and those having criminal habits be discouraged from joining the police force. The investigation process must be made transparent and trustworthy. Youth having the zeal to serve be inducted into the service and those who harbor the intrinsic lust to give anchorage to their whims and authority be discouraged vehemently. The police is a vital organ of state responsible for maintaining law and order and vice-haunted minds, if they succeed in becoming a part of the police, will further aggravate the grievances of the already oppressed and victims of grave injustices. Police reforms must be brought without a further waste of time to serve and deliver to the nation who is spending heavily on the police, instead of the government using it as a tool to spread panic amongst the general masses.  Political stalwarts should be cautious enough not to make a mockery of themselves by passing inane remarks. They must now grow out of this childish attitude to exhibit political maturity to make the police efficacious enough to kill the crimes, not the innocent masses.

A police commission comprising retired judges must be constituted, having the jurisdiction to hear complaints against the police and, if any are found guilty, award severe punishments to them. The police must be made free of political influence and the police chief as well as the whole structure must be made responsible to the police commission.

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