Comedian Omer Shareef's daughter dies of alleged illegal kidney transplant - Pakistan Today

Comedian Omer Shareef’s daughter dies of alleged illegal kidney transplant

Hira Omer, daughter of renowned Pakistani actor and comedian Omer Shareef, died on Tuesday due to complications that arose after an alleged botched surgery.

In this regard, the deceased’s brother has filed a complaint with the Punjab Human Organs Transplantation Authority (PHOTA) against a clinic in Azad Kashmir where the family had taken Hira for treatment.

They said that a doctor and his medical staff conducted illegal transplantation of Hira’s kidney without permission or need to do so.

Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority (PHOTA) Deputy Director Adnan Ahmad while speaking to media men said a team had been constituted to take action against the medics involved in the illegal surgery.

It may be noted here that Hira Shareef had been under treatment at a private clinic in Azad Kashmir for around three weeks, however, she was shifted to a hospital in Lahore five days ago after her health deteriorated after the transplant.

The deceased’s family revealed that the clinic had charged Rs3.4 million for a ‘new kidney’.