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Zaidi denies poisonous gas leaked from cargo ship

KARACHI: Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi on Monday ruled out the impression of mysterious gas leakage from any cargo ship at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) a day earlier which killed at least five people.

“Gas was leaked from land near Jackson market, which is situated behind the KPT,” Ali Zaidi told a private news channel.

“He said the video of a cargo ship that is making rounds on the social, belongs to Malaysia,” he said, adding: “The ship was loaded with sunflower beans no toxic gas leaked from it.”

The minister said the investigation into the matter was underway and the final argument will be made after the completion of the investigation.

Replying to a query, the minister said the gas leakage affected those citizens, who were having breathing problems. Zaidi said the situation is under control and he has met with the patients personally.

Earlier, Zaidi had tweeted: “By the Help of Almighty, things are now getting under control. NBCD team is deployed & is investigating the root cause of the poisonous gas.”

The death of five people reported in a gas leakage incident in Keamari the port area of Karachi while over 100 affected and shifted to various healthcare facilities of the city.

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