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Did we really deserve freedom?

Seventy-one years have passed since we got freedom from the British colonial masters. We all remember the atrocities committed by them, like the Jallianwala bagh massacre, to suppress the freedom movement, but hardly anyone ever remembers or mentions the network of canals as well as railway system set up by them. This is just because no matter how much social or welfare work they did, they were still the intruders. Unfortunately, although we got freedom in 1947, those who assumed power could not even match the fraction of the development done by the usurper. We even failed to maintain the projects completed by the British. For example, canals are in shambles and at many places have become garbage dumps. Similarly, we did not extend the railway network by an inch, and rather ended up shrinking it. So much so that after such a long time, some people have started questioning that if we as a nation were even ready for freedom. It is right time that our government stop the blame game and cursing the past rulers and take solid steps for betterment of people.

 Raja Shafaatullah