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Social media: A throttle to society

By Muhammad Omer Sajid

One of the most trending challenges popping up on social media platforms a while ago was the Blue Whale challenge, the gist of which poked fun at the obsession, that many people developed of posting pictures of themselves online while driving a blade through their arms, or saying their final words just before committing suicide. Internet-based life has hugely affected the way individuals live, and there is little uncertainty that some connect with this online stage to such a degree, that it is causing issues throughout their life. It can turn out to be such a fixation, to the point that it could be considered as quite a bit of enslavement as liquor addiction.

Social media is the group of online interchange channels committed to network-based info, communication, content-sharing, and coordinated effort. For some avid users, the fact that various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allow them to constantly share interesting stories with, engage within a debate, or ask for advice is an experience unparalleled to any. It is even conceivable to build up a lucrative profession by simply utilising web-based life deliberately.

There are certainly a few downsides to online life. One of the incongruities with it is that it can really prompt dejection and seclusion. People can turn out to be so centered around online companions that they disregard kinships in reality. This is dangerous in light of the fact that drawing in with individuals through and PC would mean passing up a major opportunity for some vital components of human contact. Another con of internet-based life is that it can urge people to take part in risky practices. There have just been various unfortunate deaths because of this sort of web-based diversion and it is just prone to deteriorate later on. Internet-based life gives everybody the chance to have a tad bit of time in the spotlight, yet the downside of this is individuals will go to phenomenal lengths to end up took note.

While we shed light on this dark side of the internet that has forever haunted or cursed the lives of a select few, it will be a felon to not recognize this same ‘monster,’ for the various ways it has brightened up the lives of the more fortunate ones. It is this same Internet that is the daily source of income for a few, via online educational seminars, courses, etc – the same internet that motivates the more fortunate ones to resort to it 15 hours a day in the lust for more money.

To conclude some may call this platform a curse, while some may call it their blessing. In the end, it is what lies in a person’s fate that decides whether this monster can enslave us, or maybe tamed for the better good.