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Resolving the Kashmir Conflict

After scrapping Articles 370, 35-A from its constitution, India has violated the human rights of the Kashmiris by allowing Indian nationals to buy property in Kashmir and sending its troops in the occupied Kashmir to confiscate its identity and make it an Indian Union. Most of the Kashmiris are against the annexation of Kashmir with India. Indian troops must be withdrawn from occupied Kashmir. The time has arrived to hit Indian Government where it hurts the most. The best solution to the Kashmir conflict is that Pakistan shut down airspace for Indian flights, cut all the bilateral relations and trade with India. Pakistan must represent the Kashmiris at every international forum and gain full support of Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, US, and Malaysia on the Kashmir issue. Beside this, getting alliance of all the neighboring states of occupied Kashmir for initiating an attack in occupied Kashmir for the de-escalation of Indian forces to avoid a serious conflict will be beneficial if tensions escalate further. If Indian forces continue to conduct oppression then there shall be earth-shaking consequences. It will surely lead to a full-blown conflict.

Syed Muhammad Jehanian