Lal Masjid’s power couple, Umm-e-Hassan and Abdul Aziz, redefining gender roles in Jihad industry | Pakistan Today

Lal Masjid’s power couple, Umm-e-Hassan and Abdul Aziz, redefining gender roles in Jihad industry

ISLAMABAD – We’re all for celebrating relationships and emboldening the fact that jihad duties don’t necessarily have to be gendered. Lal Masjid furthers this very thought in its latest campaign, led by the power couple Umm-e-Hassan and Abdul Aziz, and there’s quite a lot happening.

Umm-e-Hassan, who has been shattering gender stereotypes, last week issued instructions to kill the local management, police and the Shuhada Foundation spokesperson, as menacingly as any man – if not better. Umm-e-Hassan made the provocative speech on Friday at 12:28pm in Lal Masjid – again as provocatively as any male khateeb on a Friday.

With the help of a loudspeaker, Lal Masjid relights the joy of terrorising together, encouraging positive change in society by challenging archaic gender roles.

On Abdul Aziz’s part, he has spent over a decade challenging gender stereotypes in the clothing industry, having for years been an activist fighting for universality in gender neutral clothing.

The Lal Masjid storyline presents short glimpses into the life of the one couple that truly deserves the label of a ‘power couple’ in Pakistan, as they rejoice different stages of jihad with each other.

We particularly support the Lal Masjid’s campaigns in breaking the usual terrorism norms and showing men in traditionally female clothing, not just empowering women theoretically but actually empowering them with the arsenal deadly enough to hold a capital city hostage.

The most heartwarming thing about the couple is the how they celebrate their relationship with ISIS, and never shy away from any public displays of affection.

We hope that Lal Masjid’s power couple, just like ISIS suicide bombing campaigns of the past, continue to redefine gender roles in terrorist organizations.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.