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A talented boy

I would like to draw the attention of our politicians towards a talented boy of Lyari (Karachi). When last night I was watching one of the news channels so one of the anchors reported that a 17 years old boy invented a motorcycle which could be started by finger sensor system. Addingly, the boy just bought some old materials from some kabadies (old materials shops) and got his motorcycle invented. When the boy was asked that how much he spent to invent the motorcycle! He said that he had just spent 17000 thousands. Further, the boy mentioned that if he is given help by government so he could develop such motorcycles which could run by water rather than petrol. I see no doubts that if our youth is given a little attention so our youth can do much for the country. Our youth is not less than anyone. I request the accountable authorities to give a little attention to our youth. There is no denying the fact that our youth has the potential to do anything because of being multiple talented.

Riaz Ahmed Quraish Ahmed