Punjab govt decides to increase allowance for sewer workers | Pakistan Today

Punjab govt decides to increase allowance for sewer workers

LAHORE: The Punjab government has decided to increase the allowance of sewer men by Rs5,000, besides allocation of health cards, provision of safety kits and equipment to protect them from diseases caused by unhygienic conditions.

Additionally, a rescue 1122 type services to resolve the sewerage issues is also on the cards along with provision of modern equipped vans for digging the holes and access to the deep sewerage.

The decision was made in a cabinet standing committee for finance, which was chaired by Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht. Punjab Industry Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal and officials concerned were also present.

Bakht observed that the staff doing cleanliness was equally respectful like any other government official. However, no one ever raised voice for them in the system while the current government priority was mainly uplifting the people living below the poverty lines, he added. He said the government would give marriage grants for the water and sanitation workers and also jobs to the children of workers who have died during duty.