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PM orders auction of government vehicles, useless equipment within 90 days

–Premier wants pending promotion cases to be resolved within 60 working days

–All decisions and tasks will be carried out through Task Management System

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Office has directed all ministries and divisions to conduct an auction of worn out machinery, vehicles, useless equipment and furniture, etc. within 90 days.

Documents available with this scribe reveal that the order was issued by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU).

Additionally, instructions to archive the entire process within the same time frame have also been issued. Departments have been told to wrap up all inquiries pending at any level beyond three months and to submit a report to the concerned quarters within the same time limit.

Officials said that the customs department has hundreds of confiscated vehicles in its warehouses and billions of rupees can be generated for the government’s if it auctions the cars.

Sources said that dozens of inquiries are pending in federal ministries or divisions as normally, investigation officers take months to complete an inquiry.

According to the documents, PMDU has also ordered that rules of recruitment are framed within two months. “Recruitment rules for all identified or left-over positions, whether afresh or those which need to be updated, shall be framed at all levels within 60 working days,” the document stated, adding that positions lying vacant for more than a year would be asked for resignations.

In this regard, the process for re-designation or deletion of vacant or left-over positions shall be completed within 45 working days, except those which have been either advertised for filing purposes or are meant for promotion.

Furthermore, PMDU has directed departments to finalise and notify pending senioritis. All pending senioritis, except those which have been disputed in courts and tribunals, shall be notified whereas long awaited promotion cases would be resolved within 60 working days.

Moreover, PMDU stated that divisions or ministries would place a requisition to federal public service commission against vacant positions. “All vacant positions within the recruitment ambit of FPSC shall be referred to the commission within 30 working days. It may exclude those positions which are either coming in the restructuring process or meant for promotion, It shall, however, be ensured that positions are duly budgeted and that the organisation concerned has no resource constraints, is not considering any restructuring, is not falling in promotion quota, not coming under any devolved subject pending and not restricted to be filled-in under any court decision, memorandum of understanding (MoU) or agreement.

Lastly, the documents reveal that all vacant positions laying in the recruitment ambit are to be filled within 120 days.

It is worth mentioning here that the decisions listed above will be tasked through the Task Management System (TMS) and compliance of the same shall be reported both on the system and through a prescribed certificate to be signed by the secretary concerned with all supporting evidence regarding compliance; however, prior to complete compliance of all assigned tasks, an intermediate progress report will be solicited upon the lapse of half of the assigned timeline.

Moreover, ministries and divisions shall also be kept informed about the status of the tasks.