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Population problems

Population is the main issue being faced by the world, especially in third world countries. The current world’s population is about 7.7 billion and increasing at a higher pace. Due to high rate of population the world’s issues like climate change, instability, terrorism, corruption, shortage of water are growing in day by day. It is important to note that Pakistan is one of the affected countries of growing population, the current population of Pakistan is nearly 210 million.  It is expected that the population of Pakistan can cross 300 million by 2050 which is an alarming situation for Pakistan. Due to the high increase of population, Pakistan is facing serious challenges like shortage of water, electricity, jobs infrastructure, public transportation, health, education and so on. Family planning is an issue where Pakistan is not concerned. It is the responsibility of the government to implement new laws for controlling the population and there should be some strict rules for family planning. Population is the root of every destruction in the country.

Sameen Abid


Tump needs attention 

Dams are the sources to restore the water for long term plannings. It is estimated that the ratio of water in Pakistan is decreasing day by day. Pakistan will face huge problems for water by 2030. Therefore, dams can save the water and save the country from destruction. Pakistan is an agricultural country, the economy of the country is dependent on agriculture. If water is restored then the country has to pay a huge amount of loss in the coming time. Tump is the biggest area of district Kech with the population of 200,000 people. But unfortunately, it hurts me to mention that there is not any dam to restore the water. The recent flood has destroyed the complete area of Tump just because of dam in the area.

There are rivers like Nehang that overflow

during rainy seasons. There is no infrastructure to store water from these rivers. People face a drought like situation and in Tump people require a dam to come out from such challenges. It is my humble request to concerned authorities they should look into the matter and build a dam in Tump district Kech.

Iqra Munir


Water crisis 

Water is said to be one of the basic components for a human being to survive.It plays a great role to keep kidneys safe.But unfortunately, Pakistan and Pakistanis are suffering from the scarcity of safe water.According to a report, over 22 million people in Pakistan lack access to safe drinking water.Due to the unsafe water, a number of diseases and infections are getting birth and causing a huge lose of precious lives of the citizen.Finally, I request to the concerned authorities to take urgent steps and provide safe drinking water to every Pakistani as their fundamental right mentioned in the Constitution.

Akhtar Umrani 


University of Turbat

Honor and shame from no condition rise; Act your part well, there all the honor lies.

The only university present in district Kech is University of Turbat where the students take admission with lots of hope and ambitions for their career. Whereas, the university seems to ruin the students’ studies by managing the stuff through improvising. With the start of new classes on 10th Jan, 2020 some deplorable and objectionable strategies are brought up.

Let me get the cat out of the box. Firstly, amidst new visiting lecturers in contract based, there are a number of without MPhil while HEC has already implemented the requirement of MPhil. On the other hand, according to the administration, departments lack classes owing to which it is getting hard to cope and some classes’ timings are taken till 4 o’clock. Another great work is seen where each block has two departments merged which are only given 3 to 4 classes.

The most stunning is, as there is scarcity of lecturers therefore holes are filled with visiting faculty who, holding BS degrees, have 5 subjects of the same class! Even the major subjects are being taught by these visiting teachers. There isn’t a single department, having the complete permanent lecturers.

We, some students, are out of class until there comes out a better solution. With this phenomenon, it is intolerable to take classes where our 5 subjects are with visiting lecturers without having any experience and just one permanent. It is certain, if visiting were capable they would have been passed out in the commission tests. Though it is essential for lecturers, presents are being happily sent by the university for PHD. It is remarkable to send them for higher studies which will in return benefit the university but when there are replacements.

More or less from all departments 1 or 2 lecturers are out of the country or in doing PHD who are replaced with BS degree holders, is it the way out? (Make hay while the sun shines.)

By seeing the all scenario, the university seems to have a shortage of lecturers. Why wouldn’t they announce the vacant post? By the dint of which there will not be any need of visiting faculty.

These factors cause dejection of students find better means and ameliorations which make our pens write compliments and commendations.

Jahangir Jamil