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Zindagi Tamasha hangs by a thread as CII committee set to review film

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has set up a four-member committee that will be tasked with reviewing the film Zindagi Tamasha and submitting a report to CII Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz.

The members of this committee include Ghulam Majid, Abdul Rasheed, Taaj Muhammad and Muhammad Ashfaq, all of whom are said to be experts in the concepts of Shariah.

“All the members are competent and hold qualifications in Islam and social sciences. They belong to CII’s research wing, and were selected for this task after going through an interview process. We have shown them the CBFC letter and advised them on how to review the film, keeping religious sentiments in mind,” CII’s Media Coordinator Rana Zahid told a local news outlet.

According to Rana, Dr Qibla along with 20 CII members will scrutinise the report. “The CII received the Central Board of Film Censors’ (CBFC) letter regarding Zindagi Tamasha last week. In its first phase, the CII has handed over the matter to a four member research committee that will prepare a comprehensive report regarding the films impact on society. The Council’s supreme body will further take a decision regarding the film after viewing the report,” he said.

He further told that the CII has sent a letter notifying the CBFC of its plan of action in the first phase and is expecting a reply soon.

According to another anonymous member of the CII, the four member bench will also question the viewpoint of CBFC members over objectionable dialogues.

“How were these dialogues and scenes that hurt the sentiments of the public even cleared if they (CBFC) watched the film? The reply of the CBFC members will also be a part of the report. We are just concerned over the objectionable dialogues that hurt the public. We have no concern otherwise. No scene or dialogue that hurts religious sentiments, would be allowed to pass,” said the member.