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The rebellion in Punjab

  • Imran Khan’s dilemma 

The PTI’s dissenters have rejected PM Imran Khan’s formula of ruling Punjab through bureaucracy. There is little likelihood of the rebellious lawmakers cooling down as a result of Imran Khan’s direction that the Chief Secretary and IGP work as a team headed by CM Buzdar. Even the appointment of two PTI MNAs to act as coordinators between the party’s lawmakers and the Punjab government would not pacify them. The PM has called the arrangement a comprehensive and effective mechanism for better liaison among elected representatives and civil bureaucracy. The 20 PTI lawmakers forming a group of dissidents represent the majority of PTI parliamentarians who would be satisfied with nothing short of getting the lion’s share in development funds and having government servants of their own choice appointed in their constituencies. There is a perception that even CM Buzdar is not happy with the PM’s reliance on bureaucracy for running the province. The Punjab Governor has publicly complained of bureaucracy giving no importance to him.

The rebellious feelings in Punjab PTI have not been engineered by the opposition and in fact spring from an internal fountainhead. The PM however believes that an organised mafia is spreading negativity and crippling positive administrative changes in the country. Further, that it is trying to forestall change by replacing CM Buzdar with their nominee. The PM says he knows who wants to replace CM Buzdar but he does not name him to avoid a head on clash with the allies. He also suspects that the move against Mr Buzdar is in fact the thin edge of the wedge and the only way to counter it is to keep the present CM in place for whatever it costs.

To gain power In Punjab PM Imran Khan recruited turncoats with no scruples and issued them party tickets. He then entered into alliance with traditional politicians who depend on development funds and support from a pliant bureaucracy to reach the corridors of power. For all these elements election spending is an investment which has to be repatriated along with profit. The situation Imran Khan faces is the outcome of his own opportunistic policies. He has made the bed and will have to lie in it.