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PM needs a reality check

  • The PTI on way to unraveling

Despite being in power for 17 months, Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to regurgitate his opposition-era slogans. His latest remark concerning the corruption tumor needing surgery is an example. Meanwhile, instead of the government improving the livelihood of the people, the man in the street is being required to bear the burden of the ever rising power and gas charges. Shortages of commodities of daily use like wheat flour and sugar have raised their prices. The common man is not satisfied by the facile explanation that the difficulties they face are the result of the policies of a government that is no more in power. While the PTI leadership lives in a make-believe world of its own, unrest is getting accumulated among the common people and could erupt anytime in days to come.

The legislators belonging to the PTI as well as its allied parties are getting scared of the situation. They know that the ruling alliance is getting unpopular and they might lose their seats in the next election. A rebellion is brewing among the MPAs in Punjab, KP and Balochistan, where legislators want development funds to be put at their disposal to save their constituencies. They also want the Deputy Commissioners, patwaris and police officers of their choice to be appointed in their constituencies.

In Punjab things are fast going out of the PTI leadership’s control. The CM and Governor of the province are unhappy over the bureaucracy not taking orders from them. There are reports of the formation of a potential forward bloc comprising 20 disgruntled PTI lawmakers from southern parts of the province. In KP, five provincial ministers, along with 20 MPAs, have reportedly formed a group within the ruling PTI. The disgruntled lawmakers have threatened to resign en masse if “governance is not improved” in the province. The PTI backed government in Balochistan is also riven by disputes. Mr Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, the former CM who is presently Provincial Assembly Speaker, has claimed that he has enough MPAs with him to overthrow the governing coalition in the province. Mr Khan needs to employ all his energies to deal with these real problems, leaving corruption to NAB.