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Corruption Perception Index

Transparency International announcement that Pakistan has slipped from 117 to 120 out of 80 nations has caused a lot of stir in media, political circles. To start with, the PM himself, perhaps on ill advise or lack of political acumen, continues to harp on rampant corruption which he inherited from previous governments. In addition to this, contractors or subcontractors, involved in construction of substandard mega projects like New Islamabad Airport or Land Mafia which has defrauded millions, continue to do business and enjoy patronage without any accountability. Some of these contractors have support of powerful stake holders and refuse to submit to scrutiny by state auditors.
Just like his predecessors whose kitchen cabinet was dominated by cronies, involved in scandalous ventures, PM Imran has too many friends exercising a lot of clout, even more than those elected. In fact, governance has become poorer in provinces where the PTI led coalition holds power. Farmers who once grew less water consuming cotton, a major cash crop, have gone for other alternatives because of neglect by the State and negligible basic subsidies. Vegetable produce has decreased because green agriculture land has been converted to concrete jungles for powerful land mafia. Electricity and gas theft, has increased instead of being curtailed. Major state corporations continue to be headed by cronies and retired or serving bureaucrats and uniformed officers who have no experience in relevant field.
Malik Tariq Ali

Social Media curse?

In the Pakistani society it isn’t unprecedented to feel that internet based life is a threat which has spread especially among youths to destroy their lives. Frequently seen as the best issue of our age, web based life is intensely scrutinized. However, there are sure benefits of online networking which can refute this manner of thinking.
This conviction springs from what online life sites have been named as. Destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter have gotten incredible analysis starting late normally being seen as a path for youngsters to squander their days on their electronic gadgets. This to a degree can even be viewed as obvious yet just in the event that one contemplates over the outside of the ocean that is present day media. While indeed, web based life may have expanded the utilization of electronic gadgets, the benefits accompanying it are much more than that of a silver coating.
In the electronic age of the 21st century, online life is the best stage to make mindfulness. We would now be able to see works pioneers, scandalously Donald Trump, running their administration of web based life locales, for example, Twitter. This mass mindfulness has demonstrated to really be a gift. The #BlackLivesMatter and #WeAreThe1% for the Fergeunson and Occupy Wall Street Movement individually have been more prominent occasions of social developments which did make mindfulness about critical issues as well as tackled these issues. All however the two issues conflicted with the standards which had been set a state as incredible as the United States of America, when mass familiarity with an issue becomes even the best countries need to pay regard. Along these lines, internet based life costs to be a crucial resource.
Internet based life has additionally allowed each person to voice their conclusion. The #MeToo is the best case of this where not just have ladies at long last had the capacity to talk about a predominant issue in the public arena yet have had the capacity to join to neutralize it. Through thusly a solitary post via web-based networking media makes numerous ladies feel less alone. Thus, the ongoing down disorder displaying program on Facebook have made it conceivable to maintain kids with the affliction and not make them feel segregated.
Obviously the best course to embrace, as in each part of life, is balance. A reasonable utilization of media, in the correct ways will permit to utilize it appropriately as an extraordinary stage.
Abbas Fateh-ud-Din Asim