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Unnecessary confusion

Recently entire Pakistan media is devoting its considerable time on the issue of whether Pakistan (its Government & Judiciary) should allow former PM Nawaz Sharif (sentenced in a case) to go out of Pakistan (UK) for medical treatment. Pakistan should understand that Courts function on the basis of territorial jurisdictions. The bail bonds, securities, indemnity bonds etc are merely some assistance to Courts for ensuring the appearance of the accused / sentenced whenever Court wants him / her. But ultimately the last guarantee of such person’s appearance in Court is the arms of the State through which Court can enforce the appearance of such person in case he / she refuse to come to Court. These arms of State are Police / Security forces of Pakistan, which functions and has power in the territory of Pakistan only and not in the territory of UK. Therefore it will be illegal on the part of Pakistan Government & Courts to allow Nawaz to go to UK without taking any assurance from the Government of UK or INTERPOL that in case Nawaz defies Court order to appear before Court then they will ensure his appearance by handing-over Nawaz to Pakistan Embassy in UK.

Hem Raj Jain


PTI and economy

Call it nostalgia or whatever, but to me it seems that in good old days people used to have limited needs and wants. In the pre-partition times, there was no media blitz and show-off was not the trait of masses. People used to live simple lives working hard to earn enough to meet their needs and to save some. Political leaders were more devoted, honest, and focused on their cause. Similarly, workers were selfless and devoted. After creation of Pakistan, things started to change rapidly. It seems that after achieving our main goal of getting a country of our own, we lost our way. As if we did not have a purpose anymore. Our politicians became power hungry, selfish, and vision less. Instead of working toward achieving a goal to make the country prosperous, they exploited public for self-serving purpose to satisfy their lust for power. Result was that we started to lag in economy, education, and health. Our rulers instead of correcting their course, took the easier way of borrowing to finance their self-gratifying, often useless, projects. Whichever political party came to power, blamed the poor health of economy of past rulers and borrowed more to keep doing what the predecessors did. Beside dictatorial rules, the two mainstream political parties, PPP and PMLN ruled the country for a long time but failed to carve out methods to keep balance between income and expenditure leading the country into a downward spiral of debt trap. The PTI came on promise of change but very quickly fell into the same trap. They lacked experience and did not do proper planning to deal with economic issues of the country. Resultantly they find themselves in a economic and political quagmire, which they find difficult to get out of.

Raja Shafaatullah


Toxic air

Air pollution is the biggest issue in Pakistan. It is destroying the lives of the people in various ways. It is an environmental issue of Pakistan which is being rapidly. It is being through many crises, such as burning plastics,unlimited gases and industrializations. The motors and industries release dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Chloride floor Carbon and Nitrogen Oxide which are the main reason for air pollution on a large scale. In the same, the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi which is affected in many ways by air pollution. According to a news report 22 per of deaths in Pakistan as just because of air pollution and its affections. It is a factory to produce various diseases like, Allergy, lung cancer, Asthma and many more are the results of air pollution. So the Government has to impose some various rules for this cause.



Luxurious public

Pakistani drama “mere pass tum ho” is one of worth-watching drama series. It’s TRP rate is equal to an international drama “games of thrones”. Only last two episodes are remaining of mere pass tum ho drama and will be available to watch in different cinemas of Pakistan on 25th of January. According to fresh reports “ the advance booking of cinemas for this drama are Rs 15 millions” When I heard the figure of 15 millions, I was astonished that our public is crying and protesting for price hike of Flour, Sugar and different alimentas, but for their lavishness they spent 15 millions only for 2 episodes of a drama which can be watched free by the internet the next day.



Flour prices blooming

It was something common to hear that the price of petroleum increased, the price of gas increased, but know it came to the basic needs, such as meat, tomatos, dough and so on.Similarly, the reports suggested that the government has decided to increase the price of all goods which the citizen use in their daily life.One of those basic needs is dough whose price is getting out of the reach of common man’s hands.Finally,I would like to remind our honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan about his promises that he made before coming in government that he will create easiness for Pakistanis.