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Kerfuffle about Simla-accord ‘bilateralism’

Both India and Pakistan say they won at the UNSC. India’s contention is that under article 1 (ii) of the Simla Accord ‘the two countries are resolved to settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations’.  But this clause also stipulates that ‘pending the final settlement of any of the problems between the two countries, neither side shall unilaterally alter the situation’. Was revocation of the Special Status of Kashmir not a bid to ‘unilaterally alter the situation’?

What about the words ‘pending the final settlement’, signifying Kashmir dispute was still unsettled? What about article 1 (i) which states that ‘the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations shall govern the relations between the two countries’? It appears that India regards the LoC as International Boundary, in accordance with an unsubstantiated ‘secret understanding’ (PN Dhar, ‘Kashmir: The Simla Solution’, The Times of India  April 4, 1995). Dhar said, ‘Bhutto agreed not only to change the ceasefire line into a line of control … but also agreed that the line would be gradually endowed with the characteristics of an international border’.

I think Avtar Singh Bhasin’s book, based on Nehru Papers, India Pakistan: Neighbours at Odds should set all controversies about Simla Accord at rest. Bhasin clarifies (page 256), ‘It may also be added in parentheses that soon after PN Dhār’s article was published in the Times of India, Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesman rejected any suggestion that there was any secret understanding at Simla.’ (Bhasin Document No. 1348 in India-Pakistan Relations 1947-2007) ‘At the end, Bhutto the “dramatist” carried the day at Simla. Having said that, India once again faltered to ask the UN to withdraw its team from Kashmir, or to withdraw its (India’s) own recognition to it and its privileges (Document No. 0712 in Bhasin’s India-Pakistan Relations 1947-207). Bhasin says (p.257-259), ‘The Pakistan Radio broadcasts and…commentators however took special pains to highlight …the fact: (i) that India has accepted Kashmir to be a disputed territory and Pakistan a party to the dispute; (ii) that the UNSC resolutions had not been nullified; (iii) Kashmir remained the core issue between the two countries and that there could not be permanent peace without a just solution based on the principle of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. And Pakistan was right in its assessment. It lost the war won the peace. At the end India was left askance at its own wisdom.

AJ Malik


National Holidays in Pakistan

Every country has some worthy dates for celebration every year which are known to every person in the country.

Pakistan also has some special dates like 5 February, 23 March, 14 August, 9 November, and 25 December. These dates are very special for us because something special occurred on these dates. But, unfortunately, many of us do not know about the importance of these dates. The reason is that our teachers instead of lecturing the students on these days, are off on a holiday. I request the teachers and headmasters of schools to not give holidays on such days. Instead, a lecture about the significance of that day should be arranged. By this, our youth will know something about that day.

Sameer Mayar Umrani


A prevailing social evil

The money, goods, or estate that the bride or her family pays to the groom in marriage is dowry. The dowry system is the oldest social malady in Indian subcontinent. Now, dowry has become a serious disorder in society which is being deeply ingrained in the blood of people. Dowry is one of the social evils which has become a barrier to lead a normal life for women. Dowry system has become a social norm and it is a great problem for society and also for women. The evil is always evil. The dowry system is the evil which killed and crippled many helpless women and also many women committed suicide. Due to dowry system, neither the poor people get married their daughters nor they cease them at their home. In addition their age is passing bit by bit. To  avoid the misfortune and grief, they suicide themselves. In Pakistan 2,000 cases of dowry deaths are counted per year, which are 2.45 per 10,000. In the neighbouring country India, dowry related violence is very high in comparison with that of h and Pakistan. In the last three year around 24,771 women were killed or committed suicide in India due to dowry related violence. I appeal the incumbent Government to pass act against dowry to end up the deleterious violence against women.

Abu Bakr Khan


Price hike

Since several days, the citizens of the country have been facing the price hike of vegetables at the hands of relevant authorities, which has prompted them into launching the  protests against the authorities. Indigent people are unable to buy any vegetables due to price escalation. This reinforces the fact of Government not being aware of the situation.

I am requesting to the higher authorities to please look into the matter and take strict action against relevant department.

Zamir Ahmad Memon