PML-N’s Uzma Bukhari left fuming after Punjab food dept’s flour gimmick | Pakistan Today

PML-N’s Uzma Bukhari left fuming after Punjab food dept’s flour gimmick

LAHORE: A day after PML-N leader Uzma Bukhari complained of a wheat flour crisis in the province, the Punjab food department on Wednesday dispatched a truck laden with wheat flour bags to her residence.

According to Bukhari, she was informed in the morning that a truck was parked outside her residence with dozens of flour bags.

She said that those accompanying the truck refused to move it from outside her house and claimed that they had been sent by the Punjab Food Department (PFD) to ensure the lawmaker had no trouble in finding flour.

Bukhari said that the incident came a day after her appearance in a talk show in which she had said that flour was unavailable in Model Town, a post neighborhood in Lahore, where she resides.

She said that the PFD representatives insisted Bukhari take the flour while refusing to move, and piled up the flour bags at her gate.

Upon this, she said she agreed to take one sack of flour, paying the official rate of Rs799 for the 10kg bag.

But even after that, the truck wasn’t moved, resulting in a spectacle that attracted area residents, who then started buying wheat from the truck.

The PML-N leader said that she then called up a food controller, who claimed that the truck had been sent for area residents and not her alone. In all, it took an hour to remove the truck from outside her residence.

“It was a drama orchestrated at the behest of the Punjab government,” she said.

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