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Food minister sees conspiracy behind flour crisis in Punjab

LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Food Samiullah Chaudhry has claimed that flour shortage was created in the province under a ‘pre-planned scheme’.

Addressing a press conference, Chaudhry said that the planners of this scheme are those who do not like Imran Khan as prime minister and Usman Buzdar as the provincial chief minister.

Chaudhry said that the PTI government has for the first time disbursed timely and complete payment to the cultivators. Gunny bags have been distributed among the farmers in a transparent manner and every single grain of wheat has been obtained from them respectfully.

The provincial minister said that the Punjab government procured wheat of its share whereas the Sindh government failed to do so. He said that today the Sindh government is claiming that it has 0.85 million metric tonnes of wheat reserves but when NAB conducted raids on their godowns they found mud and sand in the bags.

He said that the allegations levelled by the PPP government regarding export of 0.7m metric tonnes of wheat by the PTI government is contrary to facts. He said that when the PTI government came into power, it had 7.3m metric tonnes of wheat reserves of last four years.

Chaudhry said that we did not export these reserves but sold them in the local market. He said that now when Sindh and KP have no reserves of wheat, CM Punjab has allowed to provide wheat to the other provinces and Punjab has decided to provide 5,000 metric tonnes to KP on daily basis. He added that Punjab will also provide wheat to Sindh and Balochistan if needed. He said that today Punjab has 2.3 million metric tonnes of wheat reserves.