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The fire rages

The world cries wolf whenever there are accidents and crises looming around. Enemy countries from across the world have been battling and shouting abuse at one another. But the world is in need of a pure cure in almost all the spheres and on various fronts like relationship, growth, technology.

What we have been witnessing for quite some time in Australia is something bizarre and something seriously dangerous. There have been reports back to back of bushfires in Australia.  The first thing to be blamed for this is lethargic attitude shown by the administration in Australia. The latest deadly bushfire incidents have been reported from southeast Australia.

Firefighters have been hell-bent since then on extinguishing the burning bushes and trees in Australia. There have been numerous casualties and detrimental damage to civilians and property out there. Precaution is the key to firefighting. In my native areas like Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, people have encountered so many fire accidents and pre-emptive tactics have been so far utilized to tackle such situations. Maybe countries like Australia and other nations grappling with Nature’s fury should take action to refurbish their equipment and other fighting gears apart from safeguarding green belt areas to neutralize bushfires in the bud.

P Senthil Saravana Durai 


Economic troubles

God has blessed us with Holy Quran for guidance and a country to live in as free people. However, instead of using the Holy book as guidance, Muslims in general and our leaders in specific, use it as a tool to hide our follies. Our political leadership and other power brokers have always done what they please without any regard for the country. They borrowed from IMF and other lenders in the name of development and spent it mercilessly on useless projects for personal glorification. What was left was wasted due to inefficiencies due to indifference of our leadership. Result is that the country stays in perpetual state of economic abyss. Seventy-two years have gone by, but our leadership has not yet been able to lay the foundation of strong economy that provides for poor and needy. Instead of generating sustainable employment, our leadership tends to work on adhocism. Although we saw a few patches of economic growth, it was mostly focused on bigger cities with projects catering mostly to privileged urban population than masses. Mostly our politicians have acted in self-serving manner doing what pleases and benefits them than the country. Therefore, we are in a debt trap we find impossible to get out of. Prices of essentials such as flour, sugar, food, and medicines are skyrocketing. We are swirling down economically with no end to this fall. We can only hope and pray that our leaders see the day of light and value what Allah has blessed us with. Following the principles of Quran, they work in unity to formulate plans to strengthen the economy and betterment of the poor not the selected few.

Raja Shafaatullah


Air pollution 

Air pollution is the biggest issue in Pakistan. It is destroying the lives of the people in various ways. It is an environmental issue of Pakistan which is being rapidly. It is being through many crisis, such as burning plastics,unlimited gases and industrializations. The motors and industries release dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Chlorol floor Carbon and Nitrogen Oxide which are the main reason for air pollution on a large scale.

In the same, the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi which is affected in many ways by air pollution. According to a news report 22 percent of deaths in Pakistan are just because of air pollution and its afflictions.

It is a factory to produce various diseases like, Allergy, lung cancer, Asthma and many more are the results of air pollution.

So the Government has to impose some various rules for this cause.

Abida Dil Jan


Deadly winter grip

The number of deaths roll and injuries are rising as harsh winter conditions grip Pakistan. The Provinces and some other regions of the country are suffering from a great winter threat. For instance, 77 people died, including children and 56 are injured in Pakistan administered Kashmir due to landslides and avalanches which frightened other masses about their lives. On the other hand , other provinces and regions of Pakistan are also on the same track as Kashmir is and there is a dire need to save people from this catastrophic natural disaster. The administration and other sectors of the country can perform their due role in this regard to protect the inhabitants.

Altaf Adam Bezanjo

Apsor, Turbat

Baloch levies 

Balochistan levies are paramilitary gendarmerie in the Pakistani province of Balochistan. It operates as one of two basic law enforcement agencies tasked with maintaining law and order in the province.The levies force has jurisdiction in most districts of Balochistan. It has its own origins back in the days of British Raj.

Moreover, areas which are manned by and are under the control of the levies are called ”B-Areas” which constitute around 90% of the total area of Balochistan. Even Though, Balochistan levies had been disbanded and merged into the provincial police force the regime of Parveez Mushraf in 2002. After that, it was restored in 2010 by Balochistan’s C M Aslim Rasani. But once again the propagandas are proceeding to disband Balochistan levies force. When the levies change into police once again terrorism gets birth in Balochistan. Because levise is the single patriotic and civial force whose focus is on controling the terrorism, drug seller, etc.

It is highly requested the Balochistan leaders to break the merging levies force.

Aseel Bohair