Firdous says Opp shedding ‘crocodile tears for poor’ | Pakistan Today

Firdous says Opp shedding ‘crocodile tears for poor’

Prime Minister’s aide Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday criticised the opposition for what she dubbed as “shedding crocodile tears for the poor”.

In a series of tweets, Awan said that the entire nation has been bearing the brunt of policies of past rulers who are now sympathizing with the poor.

In an apparent reference to the Sharif family, Awan said shrieks of the people who couldn’t remain in jail for just four days are not stopping.

She said the incumbent government took timely and courageous decisions to pay off loans and bring about economic stability over 16 months.

Tough economic and administrative decisions were made to rid the nation of the woes of the past 71 years, she added.

Awan said the government is going to usher in a new era of prosperity with the strength and courage of the nation.

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