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Water tank mafia in Karachi

Acute water shortage in the port city has forced Karachiites to buy water tankers on excessive rates as the major water supplying organization in the city – Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) – has failed to provide water tankers on official rates. The long-standing water shortage has managed to become worse. Citizens are forced to depend on private water tanker services. . The private water tanker proprietors, taking advantage of this situation, charge Rs 5,000 for 1,000 gallons water, Rs 7,000 for 2,000 gallons and Rs 9,000 for 3,000 gallons despite the water rates fixed by the KW&SB as per the government’s official rates of Rs 1,000 for 1,000 gallons, Rs 1,300 for 2,000 gallons and Rs 1,700 for 3,000 gallons for residential consumers. Residents in every part of the city have complained that they are unable to obtain water through water supply and thus have been forced to purchase water from private tanker suppliers on high rates.
Taha Khan