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Student fruit tree plantation drive

I would like to request the Ministry of Science and Technology to initiate a fruit tree plantation scheme for school children. Under the scheme, school children will have to plant a fruit tree sapling and then monitor it’s growth over the years. The program would be run by a group of trainers that would visit each school, where teachers and children would be trained in planting trees.
The children will be provided with tree saplings and written instructions for parents to help their kids at home. Each child will plant a tree, install a label with name and date near the planted tree.
The parents can help take pictures of planted tree with kids and upload them on a website or an app, which would also record the tree location. School children will get messages for uploading latest pictures of their tree after every 6 months. For this the children can receive free gifts, which may include fertilizer packs for their tree.
The Government can also allow the dispensation of the CDM funds, which can help fund the gifts and maintenance of the program. Ensuring that only fruit trees are planted, the Government can also increase food production and improve food security over the years.
Engr Shahryar Khan Baseer