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Some observations

Sir, it has been observed that when the former ruling parties PPP alias Zardari Party and PML(N), which have been brokered and brought together by the Maulana who is obviously quite hurt on being out of corridors of powers after being there doing nothing for more than 10 years, win and secure a victory in any matter, then everything is right, there is no rigging; there is no irregularity as such as well. For instance recently held Ghotki by-election which the PPP, the ruling party in Sindh province, won.
When the opposition headed by these parties loses some case or matter then everything is wrong, rigged, and horse trading, and what not is committed by the winning side. For instance, the failure of the combined opposition onslaught to oust the sitting Chairman of the upper house of the Parliament, the Senate, apparently for no crime of his on Thursday. The losers hurled all sorts of accusations on the winners intentionally brushing aside the Chhanga Manga excursion trip which the people still remember, particularly in Punjab province.
And, the combined opposition had put up a candidate for the top slot who after losing the “battle”unwarrantly attacked the chief of the premier national institution which is quite deplorable and regrettable to say the least, please. Thanks.
M. Z. Rifat