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Improving public responsibility towards traffic penalties

By Daniyal Saleem

Road safety is of utmost importance in the fast paced lives of people where every individual is in a hurry to reach their destination on time. It is not the sole responsibility of the government to look after road safety but is also a burden to be shared by the driving citizens.

There is an increase in road accidents each day due to the mistakes and irresponsibility of the drivers, and mere reluctance of government in imposing traffic penalties to such drivers. The government tries hard to minimise the risk by making separate lanes for drivers and setting different speed limits for different areas of the town.

Traffic signals are functional in populated areas of the town. Negligence of the driver is only because they are not certain that they will have to undergo the traffic penalties in case they breach the traffic laws. It is the most significant duty of a driver to understand and accept their responsibility as a driver and pay attention to the traffic penalties that come along with the violation of traffic rules.

To ensure the public responsibility towards the matter, strict rules are to be made which would ensure public safety. With 12 points in default for a driver with a new license, it will be the total earning at the start. Each time the speed is exceeded over limit, the points will be deducted from the total earning of the driver. These points will not be returned to the driver later, even if he starts driving well in the future.

Similarly, breaking the traffic signals will come again with points deduction. It is important for the driver to understand that obeying the traffic rules is important under all circumstances, even if there is no one on the other side of the road. Over-speeding near hospitals and other sensitive areas with older people and children around will result in further point deduction. Driving near the sensitive areas need to be careful and exactly as stated by the traffic rules of the area. Breaching a law will always come with its penalties to face.

Once all provided points are finished, the driving license will be suspended for a specified term and the driver will not be allowed to drive without it. Driving without a license will ultimately lead to imprisonment or a lifetime suspension of the license. Government needs to make sure that the person does not get a fake license from anywhere, otherwise breaking the traffic rules will be easier for the rich and powerful ones. It is on the government and its rules that no one breaks the traffic laws or else the roads will become a walking hell for people and children. These traffic penalties are the only way to create public awareness towards the matter, ultimately ensuring the road safety.

These penalties will act as a reminder for drivers that road safety cannot be risked at any cost. It will serve as a message to them to either drive safe or not drive at all.

The writer is studying operations management at FCCU. He can be reached on [email protected]