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Are all on the same page as usual?

  • Consequences of government’s incompetence unfolding now

PM Imran Khan was accused of incompetence by his critics during the first year of his tenure. His supporters however defended him, maintaining that it was a false charge leveled by PTI haters. Within months some of the PTI’s allies also started leveling similar charges. The BNP-M complained to the PM about lack of progress on undertakings given by him. A few months later PML-Q, MQM-P and GDA also raised concerns about the PTI’s governance. The way PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah was taken into custody by the ANF and the role played by a federal minister in the episode was questioned in cabinet meeting.  PTI allies are now openly complaining of bad governance both at the center and the provinces ruled by the PTI. Among other things, the government has been charged of failure to bring corruption under control.

Even PTI’s own legislators are now questioning the performance of the government. That they are speaking out publicly ignoring party forums indicates a growing perception that the party leadership is unwilling to listen to complaints regarding government’s failures.  On Wednesday a PTI MNA claimed in the NA that at least 21 posts were sold by Pakistan Railways to applicants from his constituency charging Rs150,000 against each post. The same day, angry over Minister Ali Zaidi’s insulting response to their call to attention notice in NA, three PTI MNAs from Karachi rushed to the minister’s seat to lodge their protest and threatened to stage a walkout from the assembly. Now, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has written a letter to the PM raising questions over the performance of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and saying that the provincial government was giving a bad name to the ruling PTI due to its poor performance. What is more he has gone public over the charge.

Those supposedly on the same page with the PTI government must have been worried by its thoughtless policies that are hurting people badly. Despite pressures for a rise in the price of bread being exerted for months, a clueless government delayed the import of wheat causing suffering to millions living below poverty line.