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4G needed back in Turbat

Internet is a medium which has enabled computers to connect with each other.It has pervaded our lives like air. For students, the internet is like a living teacher or even more than that. A couple of years ago, 4G was available in Turbat which helped the students, especially the poor ones, very much in their studies. Poor students cannot afford a PTCL connection as it is beyond their budget. 4G packages were cheaper and more helpful as they could be availed everywhere. The students could have used 4G in many ways like, they could have ordered books online, they could have downloaded lectures related to their courses, and many more. Not only it was beneficial for students. but for the companies as well as they were doing great business by the help of 4G. Since 4G has gone, students are facing problems. The students of Turbat are looking forward to avail 4G once again.
Mahnaz Faqir