Personally lowered sukoon-starved civilian supremacy into grave: PM Khan | Pakistan Today

Personally lowered sukoon-starved civilian supremacy into grave: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD – Retorting strongly to the opposition’s criticism of his statement that people will get peace only in grave, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday categorically denied that his claim implied any helpless of the government.

“On the contrary, it is the government, and even more specifically I myself, who has helped dig the grave of so many critical aspects of governing the state,” said PM Khan, while talking exclusively with The Dependent.

“For instance, this month alone I personally lowered the sukoon-starved civilian supremacy into its grave. Yes, I was definitely helped by others – after all you need three more shoulders for a funeral procession – but few can take away the credit from me,” he added.

PM Khan maintained that the government has been similarly active in laying other crises in the country to rest, all of which will soon be found in their respective graves.

“The economy would’ve been resting in peace by now, but unfortunately the International Monetary Fund intervened. So fiscal sukoon might take some more time, but I’m confident that the economy – like governance, foreign policy, security policy, among others – would be done and dusted, by the time we are done with them,” he said.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.