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Punjab government is promoting education

Education is a basic human right and a key to the socio-economic development of a country. Since it is the responsibility of the state to provide equal educational opportunities to its people, in order to encourage and promote education the Punjab government is taking a number of revolutionary steps which are unprecedented in the history of the country. The untiring efforts by the government have resulted in a remarkable increase in its allocation for education i.e. Rs 382.9 billion in the Budget 2019-20.

Keeping in view the fact that the future of millions of students is directly linked with governmental strategy and policies, the government has unveiled a new education policy entitled “The New Deal 2018-23” which will help eliminate segregated system of education. Now there would be no segregation between the students of elite private schools, small, medium-scale private institutions, and the government schools. The government has also launched “Insaf Afternoon Schools” programme to provide education to the out-of-school children, while reviving Urdu as medium of instructions, with English as a subject, up to primary level education in the province.

The announcement by the government to establish six new universities in Punjab including North Punjab University at Chakwal, University of Mianwali, Kohsar University of Murree, Thal University at Bhakar, Rawalpindi University and Baba Gurunanak University in Nankana Sahib is also commendable. Besides, the decision by the government to set up a curriculum authority to implement a uniform education system in the province also deserves praise. Under this new system, five subjects will be compulsory up to matriculation and all government and private educational institutions will conduct examination of only these five subjects. In order to improve the education standard, the government has allocated Rs 273 billion for District Education Authorities and also ordered the constitution of private school councils across the province.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar is making strenuous efforts for the provision of education to every person. If Buzdar’s dream of development of education sector in the province materializes into reality then that day is not far when Pakistan will be among the countries with highest literacy rate. It is hoped that the new deal 2018-23 will revolutionize the education sector in Punjab and that the government will remain sincere in its efforts to provide education to every child and that the dream of an educated Punjab will certainly materialize into reality.



Open your minds, eyes, and ears

Sir, with the continued blessings of Almighty Allah, Pakistan is gradually progressing. Its importance in the region as well as in the comity of nations is appreciably improving. More and more the world leaders are duly appreciating Islamabad’s positive and constructive role in peace efforts in war-torn Afghanistan and contributions to the UN peacekeeping efforts. All this and much more is happening every day in all fairness and appreciation is due to the determined and concerted efforts of PM Imran Khan, FM Shah Mahmud Qureshi, and their colleagues. All of them are working hard to present a positive, peace-loving, and moderate image of Pakistan and its people before the world at large.

Pakistani leaders are visiting different friendly countries and foreign leaders are coming to Islamabad quite frequently. These visits are making commendable contributions towards improving bilateral relations and boosting Islamabad’s efforts for ensuring peaceful co- existence with all countries, particularly the immediate neighbours.

PM Imran Khan and his economic team managers are telling the people that the country is passing through an economic crisis. Their duly elected government is taking difficult and unpleasant decisions to cope with the situation. People are being urged to brace these difficulties and cooperate as things are slowly but steadily improving. They are telling people the truth without mincing words. They all are committed and determined to give a corruption-free, progressive, prosperous, and developed Pakistan to our future generations.

But somehow the opposition parties and their leaders are bent upon keeping their minds, eyes, and ears shut, refusing to see what good, howsoever little it may be, is happening in the motherland every moment. They are requested to open their minds, eyes, and ears.



Teach Balochi in Baloch schools!

In Balochistan more than 2000 subjects are available to students for study. But there is no Balochi subject. Balochi is the mother tongue of Baloch people. While other all subjects including English, Urdu, and others are being taught, Balochi is being completely ignored. Baloch students are good at Urdu and English but they don’t know how to write in Balochi because they have not been taught by any teachers in schools.

I request the government to make Balochi a subject and make it available for study all over Balochistan.