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Speaker warns departments against delaying responses to assembly questions

PESHAWAR: Speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Mushtaq Ghani Tuesday again warned the departments of strict action for not replying to the questions of the lawmakers during question hour and ruled that the questions of the ministers absent from the session would be straightaway referred to the concerned committee.

The Speaker took the notice over the question of PPP lawmaker Nighat Orakzai which she had submitted in the assembly secretariat almost a year ago.

Nighat Orakzai told me that she had submitted here question about the local government department one year ago but the department had not yet replied to it. She suggested that one month’s time should be given to the newly appointed ministers to update themselves about their department.

Parliamentary Leader of ANP Sardar Hussain Babak while supporting Nighat Orakzai said that it would be better to give one month’s time to all the newly appointed ministers, CM’s advisors and CM’s special assistants to prepare themselves for the assembly questions.

He said that questions about the departments given to the new ministers should be made part of the assembly agenda after a month’s time.

Shagufta Malik of ANP recalled that the chair had ruled during previous proceedings that if the department did not reply in time the concerned secretary will be suspended so today the suspension order of secretary local government should be issued.

The Speaker did not agree with the assertions attributed to him by Shagufta Malik and said that he had ruled that all the concern secretaries must attend the assembly proceeding.

The chair asked the Special Assistant on Local Government that to collect all the questions pertaining to his department from assembly secretariat and fixed the responsibility on officials showing negligence in the performance of his duties.

Special Assistant on Local Government Kamran Bangash assured the house that answers to all questions related to his department will be given in time in the future. He said that no one would be spared and action also is taken against the officials, not preparing replies to the assembly questions in time.

The speaker on the occasion referred to the questions of the Communication and Works Department to committee concern due to the absence of the minister.

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