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Sheer hypocrisy

  • Trump sppke about the Iranian people while ignoring the Kashmiris

In the wake of anti-government demonstrations in Tehran over the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian aitliner, US President Donald Trump has warned Iran against any massacre saying the protests were being closely watched by the USA and the world and that he stood by the brave and long-suffering people of Iran. One would have taken his words at their face value and as showing a genuine concern for human lives and human rights had he also condemned the killing of more than 30 people in India protesting against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens, as well as the killing spree in Indian Occupied Kashmir. What President Trump has said is sheer hypocrisy.

It is a shameful reality that the USA itself was responsible for massacre of millions. The litany of conflicts and wars that the USA started and supported includes the nuclear attack on Japan, the war in Vietnam, massacres in Palestine, wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, other Middle Eastern countries and her misadventure in Afghanistan.

The situation has become more dangerous after transformation of the world from bipolar into a unipolar entity. The killing of Maj Gen Qasem Soleimani in Iraq was in violation of international law besides being breach of the sovereignty of a third country; an unpardonable indiscretion. It was the ugliest manifestation of the maxim ‘Might is Right’. Humanity fades into nothingness when it comes to the self-defined strategic and national interest of the USA. No country, or even the UN, can do anything about it.

The USA under Trump is also showing criminal indifference to the human sufferings in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, blinded by her strategic and commercial interests. Eighty million Kashmiris have been under siege since August 5 and the Indian security forces every day are killing Kashmiri youth demonstrating against Indian oppression. The Modi government undid the special status of Indian-Occupied Kashmir in blatant defiance of the UN resolutions, which constituted an affront to the world conscience and the UN authority but none of the so-called champions of human liberties, human rights and proponents of the right to self-determination condemned India or made any substantive move to have the Kashmir dispute resolved in consonance with the UN resolutions. One only hears sporadic and stifled expressions of concern on the situation in the Valley. The USA and its western allies seem least pushed about removing the root cause of tensions in this region. Encouraged by the acquiescence of the USA and its allies over its moves in IINDIAN-OCCUPIED KASHMIR, it has also adopted a belligerent posture towards Pakistan. Continued firing along the LOC and threats hurled by the Indian army chief to annex even Azad Jummu and Kashmir present a ranting testimony to the Indian designs. It is however regrettable that neither UN nor any other power has taken notice of this blatant threat to a sovereign country or realized the danger to peace and security in this region.

If the USA and other powers really want to promote peace in the world, they will have to play their role in resolving the conflicts around the world in a judicious manner, and rising above their own strategic and commercial interests. They will have to bring forth their humane credentials to be able to play that role

The move by Modi government to end the special stats of Kashmir and the promulgation of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, which became effective on October 31, has brought the two nuclear powers face to face with each other. In the backdrop of the turmoil in India over the Citizenship Amendment Act and the continued resistance against India in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, India might resort to a false flag operation against Pakistan and any miscalculation on either side could lead to armed conflict between them with unimaginable consequences for the region and the world at large.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the UN General Assembly warned the world about the dangers lurking on the horizon as a consequence of the Indian action in Indian-Occupied Kashmir and the policies pursued by Modi government, stemming from the supremacist RSS ideology which believes in making India a Hindu state. Pakistan has made several peace overtures to India without any reciprocation. The role played by her to facilitate dialogue between Taliban and the USA, and in the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, proves her credentials as a peace loving state. However it has the will and capability to give a befitting reply if a war is foisted on her.

In the interest of world peace and their own strategic interests, the USA and its allies must rethink their position with regard to the Kashmir dispute. The dilemma is that the UN cannot do much with regard to implementation of its resolutions on Kashmir without the nod and support of powers like the USA. The UN Charter, which was drawn up by the countries that were the victors of World War II, is geared to serving their interests rather than being instrumental in resolving conflicts and preventing wars in the real sense. The veto powers enjoyed by the USA, and its western allies like the UK and France, enable them to manage world affairs in conformity with their global interests. That is why the issues like Palestine and Kashmir remain unresolved even after seven decades. Consequently the perpetrators of oppression and architects of massacres get away scot-free with their crimes against humanity.

There can be no peace in the world in the presence of oppression and injustice. Conflict and wars that have piled misery on human beings and devastated civilization, and happened because of injustice and oppression, and tp this history is a witness. History is also a witness to the fact that freedom struggles cannot be subdued through the barrel of a gun. If the USA and other powers really want to promote peace in the world, they will have to play their role in resolving the conflicts around the world in a judicious manner, and rising above their own strategic and commercial interests. They will have to bring forth their humane credentials to be able to play that role. Hypocrisy must give way to honesty of purpose. They and the UN owe it to humanity to act in this way. They must realize that their strategic and commercial interests will be served better in a peaceful world environment.