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A solution to Kashmir dispute?

Is the Kashmir solution finally in sight? The BJP-led Indian Government is planning on revoking the “special status” of Kashmir in India. This special status allowed Kashmir region to be an independent state within the Indian state, with its own Prime Minister and President. This status also stopped Indians from purchasing property in Kashmir, which helped maintain the Muslim majority in the region.

But now the Indian Government wants to end this special status, absorbing Kashmir into India, while allowing Hindus to purchase property and eventually become the majority in the region. And when India implements the end of special status, than Pakistan can also convert Kashmir into its province and request UN and the World to consider the current disputed border as a permanent border. And both countries can agree to develop their new provinces for tourism, while also plan on disarming the regions and increasing tourism cooperation among the two regions. Tourists and locals should be allowed to move across borders easily to ensure lasting peace. India can also be offered to be a part of CPEC to ensure trade and peace for a long time.

Engr Shahryar Khan Baseer