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Little peace for PM

  • Allies demand fulfillment of promises

PM Iman Khan made unrealistic promises to allies in return for support for him to form the government. On Sunday MQM-P convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui announced that he was resigning from his post as Minister in protest against the PTI government’s failure to fulfill even a single promise made to his party.

The MQM-P wants Islamabad directly funding the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC)— both controlled by MQM-P mayors. The party demands that the government release Rs162 billion Karachi package directly to it. It also wants immediate construction of the Hyderabad University with federal funds. This doesn’t suit PTI’s legislators who fear this will provide MQM candidates an edge over them during the next elections. While the PTI leadership desperately needs MQM-P’s support to remain in power, its Sindh chapter considers MQM-P a rival who must not be provided any advantage. The MQM-P also demands the release of its missing workers and opening of its sealed party offices. With the agencies unwilling to accede to the demands, the PTI isn’t in a position to carry out the promise. As opposed to MQM-P the GDA wants more funds for rural development.

The PTI accepted BNP-M’s six points in return for support in NA. The demand at the top of BNP-M’s list was the recovery of missing persons. The demand remains unfulfilled due to opposition from those who brought PM Imran Khan into power. The promises to provide water to Balochistan requires mega funds that the government doesn’t possess. The PM had promised to pass a law ensuring that the Baloch are not rendered a minority in their own province as a result of mega relocations from other provinces to help in development activities. The government having little interest in lawmaking; the promise was ignored.

The allies had supported the government at crucial moments, the latest during the passage of the budget. The BNP-M has called the meeting of its core committee on 19th and the GDA towards the end of the month. There are complaints and demands but no breaking point so far. But these provide little comfort to the PM who knows he cannot meet the increasing demands of his allies.