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Sanitation workers resume duty after 10-day break

ISLAMABAD: Removal of garbage dumps and cleanliness of the city has been started after a break of nearly 10 days.

The pace of working of sanitation staff is gradually picking up and the backlog is being removed.

To ensure, swift, prompt and efficient disposal of garbage dumps, Assistant Commissioners and Magistrates have been deputed to supervise the operation. Concerned formations of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and MCI are collaborating with each other while whole process exercise is being supervised Islamabad Administration (ICT).

Skips, Garbage Trolleys are being cleared from different parts of the city including sector I-9, I-10 and I-8 and others where a collection of garbage remain suspended while sweeping on different major roads is also being carried out simultaneously.

Cleanliness and removal of garbage were started early in the morning on Friday and will continue till its complete clearance. Instructions have been issued that door to door collection and removal of garbage be ensured in the next 48 hours.

In addition to removal of backlog, Assistant Commissioners and magistrate have also been directed to take action against the elements involved in the littering and dumping of waste in the open areas particularly in the markets of the city.

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