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Choice of words in Musharraf verdict ‘barbaric’, ‘inhumane’: senior bishop

LAHORE: The senior leadership of Pakistani Christians has condemned the detailed judgement in the Pervez Musharraf treason case, especially the choice of words, used for the former president and the institution of the army.

Commenting on the detailed verdict, National Council of Churches in Pakistan President Bishop Dr Azad Marshall said that he was shocked to read the detailed verdict, particularly paragraph 66 penned by the president of the Special court, Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth.

The excerpt of the verdict directs law enforcement agencies to hang Musharraf’s corpse in Islamabad’s D-Chowk for 3 days if he passes away before being arrested and administered the death sentence.

Dr Azad said the choice of wording is beyond the basic values of all religions, humanity and civilization.

“The choice of words is barbaric, unconstitutional and completely unacceptable,” said Bishop Dr Azad, adding that this has severely dented the credibility of the judgement.

The senior most bishop of Pakistan said that branding the former president and chief of the army staff as a ‘traitor’ did not bode well for the country.

“We have huge respect for the former president and the Pakistan Army. As president, General Musharraf gave the Christians the right to vote and also made efforts to hand over the Christian educational institutes to the church, including the Forman Christian College University,” he said, adding that his services to the community could never be forgotten.

Bishop Azad said that Pakistan’s Christian community demanded a fair chance for the former president to defend the charges against him.

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