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PBC continues strike over arrest of PIC rioters

LAHORE: The strike of the legal fraternity, started on the call of Punjab Bar Council (PBC) against the arrest of lawyers in the backdrop of a mob attack on Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) last week, continued on Monday.

Last Friday, lawyers across the country boycotted courts to protest against the registration of cases against those lawyers who were arrested for their involvement in the PIC rampage.

Reportedly, the PBC had also issued a “warning” prohibiting the entry of police and government officials in court premises.

In a statement last week, the Supreme Court Bar Association said that the body, “through a unanimous resolution, strongly rejects and condemns the unlawful allegations posed on [the] legal fraternity.”

“SCBAP discards the allegations regarding direct involvement of lawyers community attacking the said hospital rather the lawyers’ community gathered outside the PIC building to record peaceful protest against the unwarranted speech from the goons that have been hiding in the ranks of medical community that was the root cause of the reaction which provoked the whole legal fraternity,” the statement had read.

At least three patients, admitted in the facility, lost their lives when hundreds of charged lawyers attacked PIC, allegedly tortured doctors and attendants and damaged hospital property and forced the critical patients to rush for life, according to police and eyewitnesses.

The outraged attackers, mostly young faces dressed in black suits and sporting neckties, spared no one present on hospital premises, where several serious cardiac patients are under treatment at any given time.

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