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CITY NOTES: The heart of the matter

The lawyers who stormed the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) were associated with an ancient tradition, but one not involving either doctors or lawyers: the great medieval university student riots, which are now subsumed under the gown rubric. I do not think we have had that here. Not unless you count students who used to extract money from wagons stopping outside the college.

I wonder if the lawyers were doing what they probably did not do as students: spread terror. Personally, I am not sure they are entirely to blame. I think the lawyers who did what they did were more involved on the criminal side than the civil.

Though you cannot do much civil law without a look at criminal law. For example, suits of adverse possession usually involve qabza matters, which usually involve multiple criminal cases. And some murders are actually just shortcuts to resolve a dispute over a boundary or walls that would otherwise include years of litigation. Then there is the old issue of entangling an opposing litigant in multiple criminal cases.

I would suspect that those attacking the PIC were criminal lawyers. I am referring to their practice, not their activities. Where did they get the pistols that were fired, if not from clients? And was there not a proper lalkara, that beloved part of murder First Information Reports (FIR), in which the perpetrator (usually a murderer) explains himself in a shout?

It should be noted that lawyers and doctors represent two of the three learned professions. The third is the clergy. In the United Kingdom (UK), that would mean the local vicar. Over here, it would mean the khateeb of the local mosque. There was no reference to the profession of arms, which was accepted a profession by people in mediaeval times, but even they could see that it was not learned. Of course, now we know that the profession of arms means knowledge of economics sufficient for the army chief to address businessmen.

Of course, we know that it was not the lawyers who were to blame. It was Nawaz Sharif, who had come all the way from the UK to wreak havoc. H’mmmm. Well, he does have a law degree. He never practised, but still…

Imran was exercised. No, not because his nephew Hassaan was involved, but because instead of a clash of institutions, there was a clash of professions. Imagine if Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was to take on Farogh Naseem… Imran might be thinking he was the grass in the saying, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that is trampled.” Actually, that was true of the PIC. How many doctors or lawyers were killed? How many patients? And who were the elephants, and who the grass?

Whatever the lawyers were doing, they were not protesting the bail granted to Asif Ali Zardari. Actually, there was a cause for celebration there, for the medical board that said he should be released, said his brain had shrunk. Zardari was pleased that they conceded he had a brain. He noted that the board that recommended Nawaz Sharif’s release had not claimed he had a brain, not even a shrunken one.

Zardari left jail pellmell, wearing an overcoat and a flat cap, on a wheelchair, hunched against the cold in Rawalpindi, instead of the blue kurta with huge yellow polka dots and black dhoti which are de rigueur for jail releases.

Imran might have felt it was appropriate for it to rain in Rawalpindi, and make Zardari’s release miserable, but it also had a negative effect on the Test against Sri Lanka. The fourth day was lost without a ball being bowled, an appropriate aftermath to three rain-affected days in which Sri Lanka had not come close to concluding their first innings. Not quite the crushing victory that Imran deserved in the first Test held in Pakistan for a decade. Further evidence that Misbahul Haq and Azhar Ali are Nawaz supporters.

Well, here is hoping that the Karachi Test sees an improvement on the situation where the first innings of the match was ended, and that too by a declaration, on the last day of the match. Let us hope that there is as big a win for Pakistan as in the recent one-day series, which Pakistan clean-swept. Any other result, and we will know for sure that the corrupt elements are still there in the PCB.

I see the Tories have won the recent election. Congratulations to the UK for having re-elected a hairdo to match that of Donald Trump and King Jong-Un (of North Korea).

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