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Another talented batsman inexplicably dropped despite performance

RAWALPINDI – Gross injustice was done at the helm of Pakistan cricket once again as yet another talented batsman was inexplicably dropped despite top performances for the country.

Upcoming batsman Yasir Shah, who was the standout batsman for Pakistan in the Australia tour, was dropped from the first Test match against Sri Lanka on the back of a breathtaking century in Adelaide.

Critics have lambasted the selection for the first Test in Rawalpindi, with the decision to drop Yasir Shah being the biggest shock.

“I mean what more can an upcoming batsman do than what I did in Australia? Score my maiden Test century? Be consistently among the runs throughout the Test series? Do much better than the senior batsmen in the side? Do better than the batsman who have actually been picked ahead of me for the first Test against Sri Lanka?” said a dejected Yasir Shah during the first day of the Test while talking to The Dependent. 

Former Pakistan batsman Asim Kamal, who many feel was a victim of similar decisions, believes that such a move can shatter the confidence of any batsman.

“He’s just scored a century in Australia – it doesn’t come much bigger than this. Now the next time he goes into bat, he will be at the back of being dropped, not at the back of a century,” he said.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.