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Pakistan Property Show Dubai: History in the making

LAHORE: goes from strength to strength as Pakistan Property Show (PPS) 2019 recorded an approximately 20 percent increased footfall than the previous year.

Held on the 6th and 7th of December at Za’abeel Hall 5, Dubai World Trade Center, this year’s event attracted more than 20,000 visitors.  The company continued making history, as this was the 20th event in its long list of Zameen Expos.

These include events held in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan, as well as the previous Pakistan Property Shows in Dubai. Each year, it has facilitated more exhibitors, displayed more property options, and attracted higher audiences. This year was no different, as the latest edition of PPS Dubai made waves in the UAE.

Dream Home, Dream Pakistan

This time, the event’s tagline was ‘Dream Home, Dream Pakistan’, something that struck the heartstrings of the Pakistani community living in the UAE. It is well-known that buying property in their motherland is a common goal of expatriates, especially from countries like the UAE, where they retain their Pakistani passports without the prospect of acquiring dual nationality. To them, a dream home back in Pakistan is the ultimate goal.

Overseas Pakistanis from the Gulf countries also contribute the most into the pool of remittances that forms a major part of the flow of capital into Pakistan.  Therefore, this show was the perfect platform for people wanting to invest, or build a house, in their home country. This is why the ensemble of property giants assembled by the Zameen team proved to be highly popular, with thousands of visitors pouring into the venue on both days.

The top picks of the market

One of the biggest reasons for this event’s success was the variety and quality of exhibitors. The best of the best were there, such as Eighteen, Capital Smart City, and Zameen Developments. These names brought some truly impressive projects to the attention of overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors.

Pakistan Property Show gave people the chance to directly interact with numerous developers under one roof and see what options fit their needs the best. Consequently, Even though there were no transactions conducted on the spot, a multitude of people left with the resolve in their mind to make a purchase as soon as possible.

In addition, no one was left in the dark about the real estate market. There were experts at hand to guide interested visitors about the right purchase choices for them, the legalities involved, and the process to buy property as a non-resident Pakistani.

Illustrious roster of guests

Pakistan Property Show Dubai – 2019 was graced by an impressive list of guests, all of whom are well-known and celebrated in their respective fields.  The Chief Guest, who inaugurated the event with CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, was His Excellency Marwan Ahmed Bin Ghalita, the CEO of Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). He appreciated the proceedings and was the chief guest for the second time here. He lauded for promoting Pakistan’s property market and appreciated the recent measures taken to regularise it.

Other important guests included His Excellency Ghulam Dastgir, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, Dr Faisal Ikram, the President of the Pakistan Association Dubai, and His Excellency Amjad Ahmad Ali, Consul General of Pakistan to the UAE.

They reiterated that this event is an excellent platform for overseas Pakistanis interested in buying a home in Pakistan.

Apart from these distinguished personalities, there was no shortage of celebrity guests as well. Some of the top media personnel of Pakistan were also present at the event. These included anchorpersons Waseem Badami, Moeed Pirzada, and Mansoor Ali Khan. These top-tier anchors were there to witness the event for themselves, and to encourage people to invest in their home country.

For the first time in history, the government of Pakistan also participated in PPS 2019 as an exhibitor. On the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a stall was set up where the Privatisation Committee of Pakistan engaged with expatriates about the impending sale of dead-weight government properties.

The Director-General of the Privatisation Commission was present at the occasion, and stated, “Such events provide the ideal opportunity to engage with overseas Pakistanis because of their phenomenal outreach”, and lauded for providing this unparalleled platform for expatriates.

The legacy continues

The event concluded quite successfully, with exhibitors swamped by interested visitors on both days. Numerous people left satisfied and with a solid game-plan in mind on how and where to buy their dream home in Pakistan.  This legacy established by should be lauded due to the fact that it brings overseas Pakistanis face-to-face with representatives from their desired projects.

This adds the much-needed element of trust and reliability that is the only thing holding these potential buyers back from generously investing in their motherland. Let’s hope we get to see more events like this in the future, as Zameen has put brought Pakistani property onto the international arena with its Pakistan Property Shows.