Interior Ministry asks PM to equalise pay of FIA, NAB employees | Pakistan Today

Interior Ministry asks PM to equalise pay of FIA, NAB employees

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Interior has asked Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to grant Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) employees a pay package similar to the pattern of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Pakistan Today reliably learnt on Tuesday.

In a summary sent to the prime minister, the ministry highlighted the huge disparity between NAB’s and FIA’s pay package, adding that it is essential to revise FIA’s current pay package to bring it at par with NAB in order to boost the morale of the agency’s employees and attracting competent officers.

The summary also stated that pay and allowances of FIA officers do not correspond with the job of investigating crimes involving large sums of money. “FIA’s pay package is very low compared to other investigation departments due to which it is unable to attract honest and competent officers,” the summary said.

It is pertinent to mention here that in March 2019, the government approved a better pay package for the country’s accountability watchdog.

As per revised allowances of NAB, investigation allowance is equal to 60 per cent of running basic pay, utility allowance equal to 25 per cent of running basic pay, fixed daily allowance equal to 20 DAs (revised with effect from 01-07-2017) per month, hardship allowance equal to basic pay as on 30-06-2015. Similarly, NAB allowance is 20 per cent for BS 1-16 and 15 per cent for BS-17 and above basic pay as of 30-06-2011 with an exemption of 5 per cent house rent charges deduction.

Moreover, PM Imran Khan in a conversation with the FIA Director General (DG) on 02-12-2019 had directed that a summary for the revision of FIA’s pay package and allowances be moved to bring it at par with NAB.