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Top Real Estate Developer to hold nationwide 2-day job fair at Garrison Golf, Punjab and Sind Clubs

In search for the country’s top talent, Pakistan’s premier real estate development company will be holding a 2-day job fair across the country at Garrison Golf, Punjab and Sind clubs. The move comes amid a crippling shortage of senior retired army officers and retired SC judges to take up key posts at the company that provides housing solutions to the country.

“We issued an advert in prominent publications and news channels but got a lukewarm response. As we aim to expand aggressively we need all hands on deck so a two-day job fair, strategically placed at locations with the most footfall of the kind of candidates we are after, seemed like the obvious thing to do” explained the company’s chief spokesperson and PR head.

Speaking to the media, the real estate development company’s chief recruitment officer, a retired army officer, expressed his full confidence in the job fair stating that the duration of the fair could be extended if there is an overwhelming number of applicants. “It would be unfair to take away this opportunity from a qualified candidate owing simply to paucity of time”, he added.

“This is a prime opportunity for us as a company to give back to the country that has given us so much and then some. This job fair will help, in a small way of course, in reducing the crippling unemployment and the economic challenges being faced by the country at the moment”, said one of the the company’s HR managers.

At a media briefing as soon as a reporter inquired how jobs reserved only for retired professionals would in any way reduce large scale unemployment, a stack of papers that looked like legal papers for a plot, came flying out of nowhere landing in the hands of the reporter who then proceeded towards the company’s head office after stopping his line of questioning.

A press release outlining the timeline of the 2-day job fair was also provided to the media that read “Members only. No sissy non-army, non-judiciary types allowed”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.