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Taliban were the first student union I supported: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday expressed the government’s willingness to allow the restoration of student unions, reminding everyone that he has long supported student unions in the region.

While reaffirming that the unions would be formed subject to the establishment of a “comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct”, PM Imran Khan reminded that his entire politics has centered around the rights for student bodies.

“Taliban were the first student union I supported. I’ve supported them in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, but in Pakistan it was based purely on their GPA – General Preference Average. The headquarters groom future leaders of the country and the abovementioned student unions form an integral part of this grooming,” said the prime minister in a post on Twitter.

Referring to the student unions of the past, the prime minister said that they had become “uncontrollably violent and completely destroyed the controlled strategic atmosphere in the headquarters”.

He, however, clarified that those unions will be “restored and enabled to play their part” in grooming the future leaders of the country.

The premier said that a “comprehensive and enforceable conduct” based on the “best practices in internationally renowned universities” will be developed in this regard.

“The Taliban call that conduct Sharia, and I have always supported it,” the premier added.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.