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PM welcomes changes made to Punjab bureaucracy

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday welcomed the new appointments made to the Punjab bureaucracy and police under Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

During a meeting with the Punjab CM in the federal capital, the prime minister said that non-political appointments based on merit need to be made in order to free institutions from outside influence.

“The appointments in bureaucracy and other positions have been made on merit as the government wants institutions to be free of political pressure. Government servants have to complete tasks based on merit and not accept any pressure from political personalities,” said the prime minister.

“Role of an eligible bureaucrat is very important for achieving economic stability. There is a need to bring improvements in law and order, as well as the governance system in Punjab. We have to change the old mindset in Naya Pakistan,” he added.

PM Imran further said that the country is going through testing times during which economic stability is essential. He also lauded the efforts of the economic team for taking necessary steps to improve the state of the economy.

He also added that an efficient bureaucracy is essential in dealing with the social and economic challenges facing society.