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Police groping in the dark in Dua Mangi’s abduction case

KARACHI: Investigators probing the kidnapping of Dua Mangi were still groping in the dark on Monday while police suspect that the car used for the abduction may have been stolen from Tariq Road area of Karachi.

According to details acquired by CCTV camera footage, the culprits got out of the car, a granite coloured Honda Civic ‘eagle eye’, to shoot Dua’s friend Haris whilst kidnapping her in Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial area of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on Saturday evening.

Haris had put up resistance to save his friend from the criminals and was shot in the neck.

Further, the car is very specific to the details of one which had reportedly been snatched in a street crime prior to the incident.

The owner of the car told that his car was forcibly taken away from him at gun-point three days back.

Meanwhile, Dua’s whereabouts remain unknown while Harris is admitted to a hospital in critical condition.

According to his father, the bullet which hit him in the neck has moved further down his body and reached his chest. “Haris has been shifted from the emergency ward to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), said the victim’s father Fatah.

The police’s initial suspicion is that personal enmity might be the reason behind the crime; however, Fatah said that his son did not have any enmity or dispute with anyone.

Meanwhile, a close associate of Mangi’s family told a local media outlet that Dua had recently returned from the US, where she had befriended a man, M* with whom she distanced herself soon after returning to Karachi. She refused to talk to him but M*, over the past few months, had proved to be a stalker who did not take no for an answer.

On Saturday evening, the victim girl was at a birthday party when she had come outside to meet Harris. M* had likely been following Dua, as he was in the vicinity with his friends when they saw Dua and Harris strolling in the street. It was at this point that Dua was kidnapped and Harris was shot.

The police are yet to confirm the details but released a statement assuring that they were investigating the case from various angles while gathering evidence.