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‘Can we go Dutch on this’, PM asks Queen Maxima over breakfast at his office

ISLAMABAD – Pointing to the three cookies, each 5 cm in diameter, and roughly two cups, each carrying 200 ml of tea placed on a small table between the two, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked his guest, the Queen of Netherlands, if she’d like to ‘go Dutch’ on the breakfast platter that the two were sharing during the meeting at the Prime Minister Office on Tuesday.

While lauding Her Majesty’s resolve to provide assistance for development projects in the country, the prime minister apprised the Netherlands’ queen about the welfare projects the breakfast she was having was a part of which.

The prime minister said the government’s welfare projects aim to eradicate poverty and assist in capacity-building and said Queen Maxima can go a long way in playing a part in that regard by splitting the Rs 95 spent on the morning breakfast.

“I believe going Dutch is a norm in your country and I am a strong believer in norms, customs and traditions,” the PM told the Netherlands Queen.

“But being the host, I can’t let you pay… the 50 paisas in the 47 rupees and 50 paisas that you owe, so I’ll pay Rs 48 and you can pay Rs 47. Consider this as an example of the generosity that Pakistanis as hosts are renowned for,” he added.

The PM House’s statement, issued following the meeting, further said that the Netherlands’ queen emphasised on promotion of local cookies which she found absolutely delicious.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.