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PTI suspends founding member Hamid Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday suspended the party membership of Hamid Khan – a founding member of the PTI – for allegedly tarnishing the party’s image in print and electronic media by speaking against it.

According to a show-cause issued on Sunday, the senior lawyer has been given seven days to explain his position for defaming the party. The decision to suspend Khan’s membership was taken by the party’s chairman, Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“It is noted that you have been repeatedly, in the print and electronic media, spoken against and maligned/defamed the party without any justification, and on the basis of fake and false allegations which amount to mala fide,” read the notification.

The notification further accused Hamid Khan of “having committed misconduct, violated party discipline and party constitution by making fake, false, frivolous, wrong allegations, bringing party matters in the media for ulterior motives and thereby acting against party interests and also hurting the feelings of party members and workers”.

In addition, the senior PTI member has been barred from speaking over the matter on electronic, print and social media while the inquiry is underway.

Hamid Khan, who is one of the authors of the PTI’s constitution, had said in a TV interview in July that PTI which was a party of change in the past has now become “establishment’s party.” He said that PTI had to pay heavy cost to get power with the help of establishment and many turncoats and landlords were now part of it. He also cast doubts on the ongoing anti-corruption campaign being carried out by his party.

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