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Govt given 6 months to codify its subordination

ISLAMABAD – In a verdict on Thursday, the government was given a six-month period to codify its subordination. The verdict came at the end of three days of proceedings after the original notification declaring the government’s subordination was found ‘illegal’ on Tuesday.

The original notification had been issued in August. The order, which had been challenged in a petition, turned out to be one of many errors committed by the government’s legal team leading to the notice’s suspension.

It was further found that the government had tried to rush in its subordination without due legal procedure. It was pointed out that the government’s notification, neither the original nor the revised order it had passed this week, clarified its position on supremacy, subordination or sovereignty – the issues that the notification looks to underline.

It was further revealed that the acts, rules and clauses, which the government had been relying on, did not explicitly mention the procedure of the government establishing its subordination.

As a result, the government has been six months to pass the needed amendments so as to codify its subordination, along with legitamising and systemising the procedure for the civilian governments to follow.

The government was told that in this six-month period it would be considered at its default subordinate position, until such a stipulation is legislated over in the given time.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.