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Mountain Dew brings EDM festival to Karachi

KARACHI: Solis 2019, an adrenaline-pumping EDM festival organised by Mountain Dew, was held in Karachi, drawing appreciation from the denizens and cheers from the attendees across the stadium, who jumped up and down with excitement.

The music festival made history in Pakistan with artists from around the globe, headlined by Clean Bandit, FDVM, KillTheBuzz, Oceans vs Orientals and many more. The festival was hosted by Khalid Malik and Anoushey Ashraf and was attended by various media influencers, as well as celebrities.

The one-of-a-kind event kicked off with Soul Potion and an evening workout session, just to get the audiences’ blood pumping before the show.

Hussain Dossa’s groovy performance was followed by Turhan James who presented sounds that the audiences danced to. Soon after, Oceans vs Orientals made the crowd run towards the stage as their favourite songs were being played.

FDVM’s performance was met with cheers throughout the stadium as the dynamic duo performed their most famous tracks.  Later, Kill The Buzz, brought the house down with epic club mixes and bass drops.

Concluding the adrenaline-pumping night, British electronic group Clean Bandit got on set and kicked off with a powerful drum and bass track, delivering the most enlivened performance filled with lights and dancers on stage.