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Railway safety measures not compatible with int’l standards: NA body

ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Standing Committee on Railways Wednesday expressed concern over safety measures taken for passengers by Pakistan Railways, saying that these are not compatible with the international level.

The committee meeting was held here under the chairmanship of MNA Muhammad Mueen Wattoo which also approved the minutes of the last meeting.

The meeting commenced with the condolence reference and prayers for deceased passengers of the incident of Tezgam Express.

The committee unanimously passed a resolution which stated that railways should take necessary safety measures for the passengers.

Minister for Railways Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed briefed the body about the recent tragedy that struck Tezgam Express, killing over 70 people.

The railways secretary informed that the train was routed from Karachi to Peshawar and at 6:14 am, the driver came to know about the fire so he stopped immediately and detached the bogies on fire but till that many passengers burned/injured over there.

He informed the Committee that during the incident, 75 passengers were dead, out of which 63 dead bodies were handed over to their relatives and the remaining 12 will be handed over in the next two to three days.

The federal government inspector of railways (FGIRR) was assigned to enquire the matter thoroughly, he added.

Meanwhile, he said, the federal minister for railways has already announced the relief package out of insurance money for the dead and injured passengers.

The minister for railways also informed that he has requested the prime minister to announce further relief for the victim of the incident which is underway.

The NA body chairman emphasized that the presence of a gas cylinder in a train was due to the negligence of the railways authorities.

He further suggested that the railways should take precautionary measures so that such incidents may not be repeated.

Reportedly, this fire incident took place due to either leakage of gas cylinder owned by the passengers of Tablighi Jammat, short-circuiting or sabotage activity as stated by the senior general manager railways during the briefing.

However, the final inquiry report is still awaited which will be completed in two weeks and true facts unearth, he added.

He further informed that 15 employees of railways have been charge-sheeted due to the said incident.